Peace in Ukraine and end to the repression against Muslims became the main requests in the prayers of Ukrainian pilgrims who took part in the Hajj, according to the Mufti of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Ummah" Said Ismagilov.

Hajj is a pilgrimage to the sacred Muslim Mecca, which takes place at the beginning of the 12th month of the Muslim lunar calendar. Every Muslim must perform the Hajj at least once in a lifetime.

In 2017, the pilgrimage began on August 30 and lasted until September 4.

“Everyone has their own problems. But we had such an arrangement that Muslims would pray for Ukraine, for stopping repressions against the Muslims of our country and for peace. So, during the pilgrimage, it must be pronounced. Of course, people also pray for peace, for their family, for their well-being.”

According to the Mufti, all 120 pilgrims returned to their homeland without problems.

“Everything was very well. No problems have arisen. Hajj for every Muslim is a chance. If a person fulfills it correctly, then the Lord forgives him all the sins he has committed in life. This is a very powerful spiritual surge, when a person, performing the rites of Hajj, returns home with the hope that he is forgiven, according to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)," Ismagilov said.