The leader of the Crimean Tatar people, Ukrainian MP and Commissioner of Ukrainian President on Crimean Tatars Affairs Mustafa Jemilev has expressed support for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and condolences to the families of those killed in the coup attempt on July 15, 2016.

“On the night of July 15, we followed with anxiety and grief the military coup attempt against the free will of the Turkish people,” reads the letter of Jemilev. “On the other hand, we followed with extraordinary pride and admiration the efforts of the Turkish people, who took to the streets to oppose tanks and weapons to protect their freedom and state at the cost of their lives.

We believe that the Turkish people and government, revolting shoulder to shoulder against this unacceptable attempt of a military coup, will inflict the necessary punishment on the guilty persons and will take immediate measures to normalize the situation.

Dear Mr. President,

I want you to know that the prayers of the Crimean Tatar people, who know better than anyone what is life in the shadow of weapons, what is democracy, freedom, deprivation of the homeland, and the occupation, will always be for you and the Turkish people.

We express our deepest condolences to the Turkish people, friends and families of the victims who have given their lives in the struggle against the military coup. We wish those wounded a speedy recovery.

May Allaah bless our Turkey, and help us all!

Sincerely yours, 
Mustafa Jemilev, the Commissioner of Ukrainian President on Crimean Tatars Affairs and Ukrainian MP.” 

According to the recommendation of the Security Council of July 20 and the final decision of the Parliament of the Republic of Turkey of July 21, a state of emergency was declared in the country for three months.

It was reported earlier that the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey Binali Yildirim informed of a military coup attempt on the night of 15/16 July. A part of the Turkish military claimed responsibility for the events and declared the seizure of power in the country.
By Saturday morning July 16, the Turkish authorities managed to regain control over the situation