At yesterday’s press conference on the failure to provide health care for Ukrainian citizens who were forcibly deported to Russian prisons, Deputy Minister on the Temporarily Occupied Territories and Displaced Persons, Georgiy Tuka told about cases when Ukrainian war prisoners were abducted from the Ukraine-controlled territory and taken to the Caucasus.

According to various estimates, close to 50 or 150 people have been kidnapped, but in fact there isn’t any guarantee regarding the number of military who were taken away. Of course, this is all was done outside the law, illegally, in secret. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the fate of each person. The vast majority of these people are likely to be considered missing, said Georgiy Tuka.

When asked by a QHA correspondent how the Ukrainians are kidnapped, and what scheme an opponent uses, he replied:

According to the information I know, the soldiers of volunteer battalions and military with the Ukraine’s Armed Forces were taken captive during the military operations, and following that they were transferred to the Caucasus.

Tuka went on to say that he has learned it from Donbas residents and the Ukrainian military. But they are afraid to give any evidence on this subject, so the issue of the kidnapped Ukrainians still remains closed.