After returning from China, Konstantinov told a news conference that teaching English at Crimean schools makes no sense because students will find no use for their skills after graduation.

“It is totally wrong that our children have to study English. Now I am absolutely positive of this. A lot of people, including myself, never had a chance to go to Great Britain nor speak English in their daily lives. Why learn something you will never use or find little use in your life? Maybe we should teach our children something they deal with on a daily basis?” Konstantinov asked.

Konstantinov also shared details of his negotiations that focused on attracting Chinese tourists to Crimea. According to him, Chinese negotiators asked him about the possibility of providing interpreters at Crimean hotels, as well as putting up various signs in Chinese all over the peninsula.

It was reported earlier that during his May 16-18 visit to China, Vladimir Konstantinov invited Chinese businessmen and tourists to go to Crimea.