The occupation authorities of the Crimea are indifferent to the fate of political prisoners, the Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov stated.

He noted that unlawfully imprisoned Ukrainian Oleg Sentsov was ready to sacrifice his health and life to release other political prisoners.

"But we need to understand that the Kremlin does not care at all – whether the political prisoners survive, die or remain disabled. It is very important to draw attention of the West to this problem. The only way to release political prisoners is still the pressure on the Kremlin," the lawyer said.

He stressed that Oleg Sentsov's decision to start a hunger strike was a heroic step.

“As for Sentsov, we should not forget that he is kept in the polar regions. It is extremely difficult to monitor his state of health. Sentsov's decision to start a hunger strike is a desperate and heroic step, but nobody knows whether it will give any results. I never advised my clients to start a hunger strike. But the final decision is always for the political prisoners," Polozov said.

According to the lawyer, it is necessary to create conditions in which further detention of political prisoners will be unprofitable for the aggressor.

He went on saying that at the moment the United States has much more information about political prisoners and problems of the Crimean Tatar people than a year ago.

“By the way, a year ago the American establishment was little aware of the events in the Crimea. Now it has much more information about political prisoners and the problems of the Crimean Tatars. That is, the Ukrainian authorities and the public should conduct consistent work," he said.

QHA reported that Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov who is imprisoned in Russia began the hunger strike on May 14, demanding the Russian authorities to release 64 Ukrainian political prisoners.

In this regard, Ombudsman of Ukraine Lyudmila Denisova asked the Russian colleague Tatyana Moskalkova to check the conditions of his detention.

Earlier Sentsov's sister Natalia Kaplan said that the Ukrainian filmmaker does not play for the public, and therefore to achieve his release without "information" in the media is much more difficult. She noted that the release of her brother would require the maximum political "pressure" not only of Ukraine, but of the entire international community.

Oleg Sentsov was detained by Russian invaders in the Crimea for an active patriotic position and accused of terrorism.

Source: Gordon