The Dos and Don’t’s published on Krymenergo’s website reads that ‘hotlines’ phone numbers may be unreachable during power outages due to a large number of calls being made by occupants of the houses where electricity supply has been cut off’. Therefore, Crimean residents are strongly advised to only call in case of extreme emergency.

Residents of occupied Crimea have once again been asked to use electricity sparingly, because they are partly to blame for disruptions in power supply.

“Failure to comply with the energy saving rules may negatively impact on each and every of us. Exceeding a limit set for a given region results in emergency power shutdowns, shorter power supply time, and problems with meeting power supply schedules,” says the Dos and Dont's.

It was reported earlier that transmission towers in Ukraine’s Kherson region were damaged on November 21, causing a total blackout in Crimea on the night of November 22. A state of emergency has been in place on the penninsula ever since.