The celebration of Kurban Bayrami holiday in Amethan Sultan Saky district is to start at 3pm on Sept. 26, 2015, the Spiritual Board of Muslims in Crimea reports.

The municipal administration has prepared a bright holiday for the residents of Amethan Sultan district celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Center for culture, leisure, sports and youth reports. Upon the initiative of local residents and with financial assistance of the municipal administration the playground was built and roads leading to the event venue were repaired.

Within the framework of event the following entertainments are scheduled: ‘Kuresh’ wrestling tournament, ‘street to street’ tug-of-war, national food competition, free attractions and entertainment program for children. The guests will also enjoy a delicious pilaf. Besides, a special competition devoted to Kurban Bayrami holiday will be arranged at the schools of the Saky region.

Kurban Bayrami, one of the two great Muslim holidays will be celebrated on Sept. 24-27 this year. Sept. 24 is announced as a day off.