Ukrainians Nicholay Karpyuk and Stanislav Klyh were sentenced in Russia to 22.5 and 20 years in prison. The case was completed in legal terms, but not covered justice, said the Russian lawyer Ilya Novikov at a press conference "The trial of the Kremlin prisoners with the eyes of a Russian journalist" held in Kiev today.

The to defender of the Ukrainian political prisoners said that appeal to the ECHR may take a long time, reports a QHA correspondent.

“The real mechanism is an appeal to the European Court (ECHR), although it is not a fast way. Russia has no chance. Numerous violations in the process included torture,” Novikov stated.

He went on saying that in this case the exchange of the Kremlin’s prisoners is possible. Ukraine would need the informational and diplomatic support.

The Russian authorities have charged Stanislav Klyh and Nicholay Karpyuk with the alleged fighting against the Russian army siding with the president of Ichkeria Dzhokhar Dudayev in 1994-1995. According to investigators, Klyh and Karpyuk were members of a militant political organization UNA-UNSO that was established in Ukraine in early 1990.

Russia's Supreme Court has recognized legal the verdict to Karpyuk and Klyh sentenced to 22.5 and 20 years in prison.