The militants of self-proclaimed "Luhansk People’s Republic" in the town of Perevalsk seized cars and special equipment with Ukrainian license plates from local entrepreneurs, according to the report by the group Information Resistance.

One of the arguments was that the vehicles were not "registered" according to the rules of "LPR".

“In particular, at the address: city of Perevalsk, Dzerzhinsky Street, 24, on the territory of the motor depot owned by LLC Torgovy Dom, militants discovered and seized vehicles "without registration documents" - with Ukrainian license plates (LAZ license plate ВВ 08-12 ВТ, PAZ license plate BB 37-66 BB, PAZ license plate ВВ 38-43 СВ, KrAZ license plate ВВ 52-41 АТ, ZiL license plate ВВ 11-53 ВО, GAS 66 license plate ВВ 24-87 АА, loader JCB 56 license plate, two  KrAZ concrete mixers license plate ВI 73-56 ВВ and ВI 91-76 ВВ, 4 "Volga" cars license plates ВВ 10-59 АЕ, ВВ 10-60 АЕ, ВВ 10-53 АЕ, ВВ 10-62 АЕ and 3 "Volga" cars without license plates,” reads  the message.

Reportedly, in a career located on the territory of the village Buhaivka of Perevalsky district, a yellow color tracked excavator JCB, and a blue "Premiertrak" stone crusher belonging to LLC "Donkub" were found and seized as well.

Earlier, QHA reported that the so-called "government of Sevastopol" adopted an order to seize land and real estate in the area of Balaklava Bay for the needs of the city.

The area in question includes all the berths and attached land plots on the eastern shore of the Balaklava Bay, which at present are privately owned and used on lease basis.

The occupiers also proudly reported that in 2017, due to the construction of the Tavrida highway, more than 1 thousand plots of agricultural land were seized from Crimeans.