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Ukraine’s western city of Lviv will host another lection from the serious of lectures “Who are the Crimean Tatars?”. This time the lecture will be dedicated to Crimean Khanate and its relationship with Ukraine

The lection will be given by famous Crimean historian, writer and TV presenter Oleksa Gayvoronsky.

 “Gayvoronsky will tell about the rising of Crimean Khanate, about acute facts of common past and a glance at them from today”- the organizers of the lecture noted.

The lecture to take place Saturday, Nov 29, in Lviv’s media library. The entrance is free.

The previous lectures were about Crimean Tatar culture, music and main traditions.

The main purpose of the lections is to acquaint Lviv residents with Crimean Tatar culture, history and religion as well as to assist in creating interethnic dialogue and mutual understanding.