Today, December 31 at 23:50 all who will gather at this time on Independence Square in Kyiv will join to set a record of maximum number of people at one time and in one place to sing the National Anthem, UNN reports.

"A lot of people want to meet this year on the Maidan. And the idea is very logical - in fact to confirm what has already happened, but do it by all for rules and the instructions on the necessary canons and standards - to set and secure a world record of performance of State Hymn "- the singer Ruslana said this during a press conference.

She noted that an application for registration in the Guinness Book of Records presented and has already received a positive response. Also, the singer offered to all who come to the Euro Maidan on New Year's Eve, to have a flashlight or turn on the backlighting in phones during the national anthem.