June 17 on Liberty Square in Mariupol celebration of the Day of Liberation began in the morning - with a mini-parade and awarding the fighters for special merit to Ukraine. The Deputy Head of the National Police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin and the leader of the political party "National Corps" Andrey Biletsky took part in the solemn celebrations. More than two thousand people gathered on the square, who wondered why they employees of the local metallurgical plant were also awarded together with the servicemen.

After the solemn part the fair of folk artists started. Craftsmen from Kyiv and Lviv regions came to it specially. In addition to folk handicrafts and master classes, sports competitions as well as table games of ancestors were presented at the fair.

The festive day ended with a concert and performances by The DOOX, Christina Solovey and TNMK.

Earlier GogolFest took place in Mariupol.

Reference: On June 13, 2014, the frontline Mariupol was cleared of the remaining militants and militiamen who took over the local city council and other buildings in the city center. The special operation was carried out by the forces of Azov fighters, as well as the Dnepr battalion and special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. As a result of the "sweep" Mariupol returned under the control of the Ukrainian authorities.