March 30, Ukrainian journalist Taras Ibragimov was detained in Simferopol, according to the report of co-founder of the Crimean SOS Tamila Tasheva on Facebook.

“The journalist of the resource Taras Ibragimov, as well as the editor of our site QirimInfo were detained and taken to the center for countering extremism,” she wrote.

According to Tasheva, along with Ibragimov, social activists Osman Arifm and Remzi Bekirov were detained. Their documents were taken away and the activists themselves were kept in the basement.

In the comments to the post, Crimean residents reported that the FSB detained Ruslan Suleymanov and Riza Izetov as well.

Later, Journalist Taras Ibrahimov was released after the interrogation from the building of the Occupation Center for Countering Extremism in Simferopol.

According to him, the employees of the "E" Center had a one and a half hour conversation with the journalist about the materials of his articles without a lawyer and made him provide an explanatory note.

Osman Arifm was released after morning detention in occupied Simferopol as well. He stated that the staff of the Center for Countering Extremism had exerted pressure on him to obtain the necessary evidence.

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