Civil journalist, Nariman Memedeminov, unlawfully arrested in the occupied Crimea sent a letter from prison to his wife Lemara Memedeminova, in which he thanked everyone who supported him after his arrest, according to the public organization "CrimeaSOS".

In his letter, the Crimean Tatar stated that all the persecution of the Crimean Tatar people is connected with the struggle of the occupation authorities against dissent.

The support of all political prisoners, according to Memedeminov, "shows that the world is not indifferent to what is happening in the Crimea."

The full version of Nariman Memedeminov's letter is brought below.

"I greet all those who are active and not indifferent, all those who did not stand aside, all those who helped and expressed the words of support.

Today I am cut off from information, but lawyers told me about the resonance caused by my arrest and unfounded accusations against me. I was told how journalists, activists, acquaintances, friends, and the entire Crimean Tatar people as a whole supported me.

In this regard, I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all those who did not stay away from this problem. I call this a problem, since the harassment and arrest of activists and, moreover, of civil journalists is an attempt to combat dissent in any of its manifestations. That is, the antiterrorist and anti-extremist legislation of the Russian Federation, in its majority, is aimed at suppressing anyone who does not think and does not speak as dictated by the "line of power", even if it is a whole people.

Today in the Crimea, the Crimean Tatar people and Muslims of Crimea found themselves "at gunpoint" and full-scale struggle is conducted precisely against them: which involves persecution, searches, arrests, criminal cases, persecution on the basis of nationality and religion (as noted in the UN resolution).

Of course, this applies to pro-Ukrainian activists and dissidents.

Today the formation of peaceful opposition and activism is called the phenomenon of "Crimean solidarity". And this is objective, because hundreds of thousands of non-indifferent people are joining the process we once started.

And activists who talk about what is happening and give a real picture of what happened are those who are persecuted and absolutely groundlessly accused.

In this regard, I would like to draw the attention of politicians, lawyers, official media, professional journalists, journalistic communities, civic activists and journalists, public organizations, human rights organizations, all who are not indifferent to this issue:

- Your support for those who are on the side of truth and justice is a real accompaniment of what is happening, which shows a similar attitude to civil activists is not left without attention and the resonance in these cases is growing!

- Your support of the Crimean Tatar people of the Crimean Muslims, civil activists and journalists in the Crimea and Russia, in particular, shows that the world is not indifferent to what has been happening in the Crimea for five years already, and in Russia as a whole for several decades already.

- Your solidarity and support to everyone who does not agree with the lawlessness of special services and with legislation aimed at suppressing the free expression of the will and the truth (this is anti-terrorist and anti-extremist legislation of the Russian Federation) shows that the people who were under the pressure of the security forces did not remain without the support of the rest of the world!

I would like to end with the words of the wisdom of our ancestors, and they said: "Tama-tama göl ola!" i.e. "Drop by drop a lake appears!". And after all from similar words of our ancestors about unity and solidarity the slogan of the "Crimean solidarity" has been generated: "Where unity, there is a victory!"

All the best to you, peace and good! "

Reference:  May 22 the Kremlin-controlled court in the Crimea extended the term of arrest to Nariman Memedeminov until August 15 this year. Crimean Tatar's lawyer Edem Semedlyaev said that Memedeminov was sent to a psychiatric examination.

He stressed that for this category of cases psychiatric examination is not mandatory, but practice shows that the occupiers carry out this humiliating procedure in all political cases against the Crimean Tatars.

The Crimean Tatar Nariman Memedeminov is suspected of "public calls to carry out terrorist activities".