The Ukrainian side of the Monitoring and Coordination Center (STSKK) has received a written refusal from militants (without explanation) on the access and security assurance for teams providing renovation works at Avdiivka Coke and Krasnogorivka Refractory plants. 

“Providing complete ceasefire security guarantees is a prerequisite to perform repair work on the vital infrastructure facilities. The operational actions of STSKK to confirm the safety guarantees, on request of companies intending to carry out works there, largely contribute to the solution of this important issue.

For its part, the Ukrainian side of STSKK and monitoring groups are actively interacting with the Command of military groups and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, state authorities, as well as enterprises engaged in repair work; and not only at the stage of coordination on the introduction of "silence" mode, but also directly in the course of work,” the ATO press-center wrote on its Facebook page.

Delay or failure to repair those facilities creates essential prerequisites for a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe, which "may affect tens or even hundreds of thousands of civilians on both sides of the conflict."

“Failing to provide security guarantees to carry out these works, the leaders of ORDO (Separate Districts of the Donetsk region) seem to pursue the aim to endanger a humanitarian and ecological security,” the STSKK states.

It was reported earlier that the militants sabotage the ceasefire process stipulated by the Minsk agreements, which is regularly recorded by the OSCE representatives.

Photo: Internet