The terrorists continue to fire not only on the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but the civilians as well. The artillery shells hit homes and schools.
This time, the militants fired school No.1 in Luganskya village and ruined walls, windows and furniture in three classrooms according to the Luhansk region National Police press-service.

“Yesterday, the LPR militants twice shelled the outskirts of the Luganskya village with heavy machine guns ANC, AGS-17 at the side of the monument to Prince Igor (the territory temporarily controlled by illegal armed groups "LPR"). As a result of the attack the building of school No.1 in Luganskya village was damaged, namely the windows, furniture and walls in three classrooms,” reads the report.

The police classified the incident under Art. 258 "Terrorist act" of the Ukrainian Criminal Code.
Reportedly, the militants have shelled the Ukrainian Armed Forces about a hundred times over the past day, soldiers killed and wounded.

“For the past day, unfortunately, we have suffered losses. Three soldiers were killed and six were wounded in the ATO zone,” said Alexander Motuzyanik, the Speaker of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine on ATO.

Photo: Internet