Today, on June 2, at the Mayorske checkpoint in Donbas ORDLO militants fired at the Ukrainian border guards, the State Border Service of Ukraine reported.

According to the agency, the border guards were transporting the border patrols for shifts to the control post and the checkpoint of entry and exit by the car "Cougar".

"After border patrols were brought to duty stations and the car returned to the entry and exit checkpoint, mercenaries of Russian-terrorist groups fired the armored vehicle with a small arms," the border guards said.

None of the servicemen suffered as a result of the shelling. The department also noted that there were no civilians in the control post, and personnel were in dugouts.

Earlier it was reported that militants of terrorist groups in Donbas fired on observers of the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) of the OSCE near Toretsk.

The OSCE observers were launching an unmanned aerial vehicle near Teretsk to monitor the terrain. QHA reported that in the village of Zhelezny near Toretsk, a 15-year-old girl was killed from a shell of militants. The child was in the yard of her grandmother’s house at the time when a large-caliber projectile fell there.