The Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine collected the TOP-7 of the most popular messages and issues of the Russian authorities actively used in their propaganda war against Ukraine, according to the Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Dmitry Zolotukhin.

“Together with colleagues in the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine we collected TOP-7 of the most common narrative topics that the Kremlin promotes against Ukraine as part of its information aggression. This, of course, is not an exhaustive list, but the most common theses," he said.

QHA agency cites the full text published by Dmitry Zolotukhin:

1. How bad it is to live in Ukraine.

Political and economic crisis. Protests, political scandals and statements by Opposition block or the pro-Russian opposition, "the imminent fall of Poroshenko's power." The West is "tired of Ukraine": tales about the West's unwillingness to help Ukraine, about reducing or termination of assistance, or about "disappointment" regarding reforms or Ukraine itself. Energy crisis in Ukraine. Plots about problems with coal, gas, nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, thermal power stations, losses from the blockade, increase in tariffs for housing and communal services. Negative plots related to Ukraine-EU visa-free regime.

"Cheating", "it's still necessary to have a bunch of documents on the border," "the impoverishment of Ukrainians," "there is no money for that Europe," and so on. IMF and Ukraine. Any negative stories: "bondage", "the IMF will not give money," "money was stolen," and so on.

2. Cancellation of sanctions against Russia.

Withdrawal of sanctions from the Russian Federation. Comments or statements about "lifting sanctions in the near future" or about "West's fatigue from sanctions" or "unwillingness of Western countries to continue sanctions".

3. Discrediting the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"The Armed Forces attacked the Donbas," the tales about "war crimes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces", "foreign mercenaries and instructors in the Armed Forces", "crazy losses" or "drunkenness." Statements by Russia, terrorists or anyone else about "Kyiv's reluctance to comply with the Minsk Agreements", about the disruption of the Minsk agreements, comments on the work of the OSCE CMM and so on.

4. Ukraine rejects the Donbas.

Kyiv abandoned the Donbas or is losing it. All statements that allegedly "Kyiv is doing everything to lose the Donbas." Kyiv destroys the Donbas. Genocide of Donbas, economic blockade, trade blockade, nonpayment of pensions and social expenditures in ORDLO and others. Statement of leaders of terrorists. Any statements of terrorists regarding Ukraine and the occupied territories.

5. CrimeaOURS.

Statements by the Russian Federation and the occupation "power" on the Crimean peninsula. Incredible "improvement" after annexation.

6. Ukraine supports terrorism.

Ukraine's connection with Islamists. "Preparing Islamists in Ukraine for the war in Syria", "transferring weapons to Islamists," "Islamist battalions in the Donbas," and so on. Ukrainian saboteurs in the Crimea, the Donbas or the Russian Federation, the preparation of sabotage, terrorists, terrorist acts.

7. Ukraine is a radical.

Plots of "rampant radicals, neo-Nazis, nationalists, fascists, vandals" and the like. Any stories about the oppression of the Russian language or Russian-speaking in Ukraine. Russophobia in Kyiv, hatred of everything Russian, attempts to rewrite history, disregard for the common past and victory over Nazism.

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