A monument to blackout has been unveiled in the city of Yalta: now two big light bulbs decorate a lawn on the waterfront of Kalinin Park.

The funds for the monument and landscaping were allocated by local patrons.

- Yalta has appeared to be the most damaged city on the peninsula due to the events in 2015-2016. I think that we have gone through those events with dignity. First, we had doubts over the idea to put up a monument to the blackout, but in the end the majority ssupported the project, a so-called Head of the Yalta City Administration Andrey Rostenko told the "KP Crimea."

It is noteworthy that a ribbon was not cut at the unveiling ceremony. Instead, Yalta "Mayor" Rostenko drove a large nail in a new lawn with a sledgehammer. According to him, the nail symbolizes that fact the Crimea won’t face power problems anymore.

As QHA reported earlier, the residents of occupied Crimea took the initiative to create a monument to the blackout that struck the peninsula in autumn of 2015. The Monumental Art Center put forward a proposal to create the monument showing a family sitting on a sofa, reading books and playing chess in the light of lanterns.

The blowing up of the transmission towers in Kherson region on November, 21 cut off power the residents of annexed Crimea. Although the occupants declared the power supply has been restored, some Crimean cities still face problems with electricity.

Earlier, the "Prosecutor's Office" of Crimea assessed the damage caused by the massive blackout in RUB 361 million, not counting the losses incurred by the industrial enterprises.

Photo: Internet