On New Year’s Eve, on Independence Square in Kyiv, the national anthem of Ukraine was performed by more than 200 thousand people. This was announced at a press briefing at the headquarters of the national resistance by one of the commanders of the Euro Maidan Stepan Kubiv, UNN reports. S.Kubiv said that they recorded the performance of the national anthem during New Year's Eve from the attic of Trade unions building. “More than 200 thousand people sang the national anthem of Ukraine that night. How it will be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, we are waiting for them to notice," - he said. Thus, Michail Blavatsky said that in India, where they sang the anthem of the country and entered the Guinness record, there were 120 thousand people. Therefore, he said, if considered true number of people who sang Ukrainian anthem on Independence Square, the “record is not far off from us." In turn, another commander of the Euro Maidan Sergei Averchenko added that experts of Guinness World Records have 10 days to publish their results on the performance of Ukrainian anthem on Independence Square in Kiev.