The highest religious meeting Ulema Council unanimously approved the candidacy of Eider Rustamov for the post of Mufti of Muslims of Crimea during the Kurultai of Muslims of Ukraine and Crimea held in Kyiv on November 19, a QHA correspondent reports.

Eider Rustamov was trained at the University of Jordan Al al-Bayt, where he learned the basics of Islamic law and theology, and then was engaged in related to Islam scientific activities in Ukraine. In particular, he edited the translation of dozens of books, the most popular are "Muslim Character," by Muhammad al-Ghazali and "Personality of the contemporary Muslim" by Mustafa al-Tahhana. In 2015, the Eider Rustamov was appointed the head of the Committee of Muslim Spiritual Values at the Board of Fraternity of Crimean Tatars.

Mufti is the highest cleric of Muslims who is entitled to decide on the religious and legal issues and provide clarifications on the application of sharia.

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