Deputy mufti of Crimea Ayder Ismailov called the incident that occurred in Evpatoria Khan-Cami mosque an attempted coup, seizure.

As we earlier reported, at the meeting, initiated by imam of the mosque Elmar Abdulganiev, a number of Khan-Cami community members were ousted and new members—most of them representatives of Al Ahbash sect—were appointed. Ousted members announced seizure of the mosque’s funds and property.

Moreover, the imam announced that the mosque, which used to be subordinated to Crimea’s traditional Religious Administration of Muslims (Muftiyat), would be included in newly established Taurida Muftiyat-- an organization founded in contrast to Crimean Muftiyat.

“Using instability of current situation in Crimea and changing of the authorities Elmar bey [Abdulgamiev] tried to seize the power. This mosque is historical property of Crimean Muslims, it cannot be owned by a group of people. It will remain on the balance of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea, will remain and property and adornment of Crimea”- Ismailov said.

Deputy mufti also noted that Muftiyat is going to appeal to proper channels on the issue, over the seizure of property.

Earlier, Ismailov called the incident at attempt to split Muslims of Crimea.