The review of food prices in the "Auchan" hypermarket in occupied Simferopol appeared in network. The journalist Zair Akadyrov published the corresponding video.

“Currently visitors from Moscow and other Russian cities often complain that the prices in the Crimea are much higher than in their places. The difference in the food cost may reach 40-50%, and even more”,  Akadyrov wrote on Facebook.

The journalist explained that prices for sugar, fruit, vegetables, greens, mineral water, beer, juices, tea, sweets and dried fruits are presented in his review.

In particular, a kilogram of sugar in Simferopol "Auchan" hypermarket costs a bit more than 62 rubles (about 28 UAH, at the NBU exchange rate 0.45 UAH/RUB), potatoes – 138 rubles (about 62 UAH), beets – 20 rubles (about 9 UAH). The prices for the packed greens in the supermarket fluctuate from 160 to 270 rubles (72-121 UAH). A kilogram of strawberry costs 445 rubles (200 UAH), apples - 39 rubles (17 UAH).

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