Refugees who came to Ukraine to seek asylum from persecution in their homeland, having created “Azan” association, hope to get legal protection from the Ukrainian state, Tagir Minibaev, journalist and co-founder of the Association, informed the day before.

“We, the Muslims, turned out to be an unnecessary part of society in our homeland, the Russian government cynically began to get rid of us. With the question: "Where shall we seek justice ..." we began to leave the country massively”, Minibaev told.

According to Minibaev, while fleeing persecution, Russian Muslims seek refuge in Turkey and Ukraine.

Minibaev says he hopes to find justice here in Ukrainian society, as Ukrainians "felt on themselves what the Russian regime does with the citizens of Ukraine - our co-religionists in the Crimea".

Minibaev noted that there is nothing to hide for the applicants for refugee status, and they are open to the Ukrainian society.

"We are neither extremists nor terrorists. All of this motivates us - applicants of refugee status - to unite for resolving problems with citizens of Ukraine in the form of a public initiative – “Azan”, the Association of Muslim Refugees”, he explained.

Reference: According to Noel Calhoun, Deputy Chairman of the United Nations Agency for Refugees in Ukraine, about 3 thousand refugees from around the world are staying in Ukraine now.

In her words, from 600 to 1,5 thousand people apply for the refugee status annually.