In Ukraine, a new Crimean Tatar radio "Radio HAYAT" started working in the test mode. The broadcasting is already available at a frequency of 103.5 FM in the region bordering on Crimea - Kalanchak, on the territory of the Kherson region of Ukraine. In the near future the broadcasting is expected to be launched in Chongar to cover the territories adjacent to the Crimea and the Crimea itself.

The new radio was created with the aim of establishing links with the occupied Crimea, uniting the Crimean Tatar diaspora, and developing the Crimean Tatar national media.

The project was also supported by the leaders of the Crimean Tatar people, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, Crimean Tatars, who live on the mainland Ukraine and in the diaspora.

“We chose the name Hayat on purpose as it means "Life". The basis of the new radio is the philosophy of life. Everything is very simple. When trouble steps into the house, when difficult days come, when you are deprived of your Motherland - the main thing you need to do is to live! Live and raise children, live and not to give up, live and struggle, live and develop, live and not to lose hope," the Director General of the news agency QHA / Crimean News, a member of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Gayana Yuksel says.

She also noted that work is still underway on broadcasting details, corporate identity, creating a logo (while temporary is used) and, of course, working with the audience.

Earlier, on July 29, during the ninth session of the WCCT Executive Committee held in Kyiv, Gayana Yuksel announced to the members of the Executive Committee of the World Congress the launch of a new radio in the test mode.

Director of the news agency QHA noted that the main purpose of the broadcasting was to provide residents of the regions with Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian content.

Previously, on July 28, 2016, the QHA news agency, within the framework of the contest of the National Council of Ukraine on Broadcasting and Television, won a radio frequency on the territory near the occupied Crimean peninsula.