Gunduz Mamedov was appointed the Attorney General of Crimea by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in August 2016. As of today he has initiated a number of criminal proceeding against traitors. November 4, the deputy association of MFI "Crimea" watched the results of work of the Crimean Prosecutor's office.

“Today, deputies-members of the MFI "Crimea" held a working meeting with the Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Gunduz Mamedov. At the meeting, he told us about the activities and events initiated by the Prosecutor's office, their working plan for the protection of the interests of Ukraine, namely, the prosecution of traitors. The Attorney also stressed the importance of the persecution of individuals at all levels, right up to the international. In addition, he told us about the criminal proceedings that are currently in operation and are forwarded to the court.

One of the cases, which is already in court is the case against a deputy of the Sevastopol City Council, who voted in favor of Sevastopol "independence", thus, committing a crime. The court has already filed the case. We hope that in the near future judgement will be rendered and it will be the first such verdict in Ukraine to show the traitors that, sooner or later, they will have to take responsibility for such actions,” Aleksey Goncharenko said. He as well stated that the people's representatives are ready to support the Prosecutor in all endeavors.

The new Chief Prosecutor of Crimea was introduced in August by the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios. He was challenged to complete the criminal proceedings against the traitors, who had already been discovered, and further strengthen criminal prosecution against betrayers of the nation.