Integration of young people from the number of internally displaced persons into the ranks of the host communities are not always smooth and gentle. Some everyday conflicts, almost clashes occur between the different groups of young people. Often this may be due to the economic turmoil in the country.

In cases where solving economic problems is not possible, psychologists, volunteers and sports organizations come to help the IDPs.

“We do not build housing, we do not provide financial assistance. But we have developed a format of a children's recreation camp. We bring there children with their parents and arrange a variety of classes for the kids and adults, hold sports events or trainings. It's not exactly a children's camp, rather a family camp,” said Ludmila Tereshchenko, the Head of CF "Spectrum Plus".

For the representatives of Germany, working under the program of support in eastern Ukraine GIZ GMBH, it is the first experience of such cooperation with Ukraine. As part of the infrastructure program initiatives, state and municipal structures are involved in work with the youth from among internally displaced persons.

This weekend, seventy-five persons are travelling to one of the first family camps organized in the sanatorium "Berminvody". A variety of trainings, sports competitions, horse riding and socializing are waiting for them there. For two days the young families will be able to get  vocational guidance test, to receive consultations of psychologists and specialists in other fields of knowledge.

Kharkiv region registered more than 146 000 displaced families from Donbas and Crimea, including more than 26 thousand children under the age of 14 years. You can learn about the activities carried out by CF "Spectrum Plus" and their German colleagues on the Facebook page of the Foundation.