At a press conference in the occupied Simferopol, the Deputy Mufti of the annexed Crimea Esadullah Bairov said that the emergence of a new Mufti of Crimea is a "schism, which is prohibited by Islam." Hence, the new Mufti Eider Haji- Rustamov elected by Ulema Council, "should be eliminated."

"There are clear indications of the prophet and the great Muslim rulers, saying that if you have a second contender for the leadership in the spiritual realm, he should be eliminated," Bairov said.

November 19, during the Kurultai of Muslims of Ukraine and Crimea held in Kyiv the candidacy of Eider Rustamov was unanimously approved for the post of Mufti of Muslims of Crimea.

According to Eider Rustamov, the need to create a new management has arisen because of the natural needs of the Muslims, who had to leave their home after the annexation of Crimea, to unite to address the pressing spiritual problems. Eider Haji-Rustamov stressed that the Simferopol Muftiyat that obeyed the will of the occupants cannot cope with its responsibilities - the protection of the rights and religious freedoms of the Crimean Tatars.