On the initiative of the public association "Crimean solidarity", the project “Crimean childhood” was launched on Facebook in order to support the children of political prisoners in the occupied Crimea.

"Within the framework of this project, activities are planned for children of political prisoners, where every adult and every child can bring their warmth and support, love and care to brighten up these gloomy days and give children paints of happy childhood in an atmosphere of unity and solidarity," said the message.

QHA reported earlier that, Yevhen Zakharov, the Head of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group stated that the situation with human rights in the occupied territories of Ukraine over the past year has worsened. Thus, in particular, the Russian Federation continues to increase its pressure in the Crimea. The occupants are trying to dissolve the Crimean Tatars in the mass of the population, deprive them of their ethnic and religious identity.