Their congratulations to students have conveyed City Council officials, clerics, school headmasters and university deans. As has become traditional, most of the students have preferred wearing Ukrainian vyshyvankas (embroidered shirts and blouses) to regular school uniform.


A total of 2 million enrollment applications have been submitted to Ukrainian institutions of higher learning in 2015, with Crimean applicants submitting as few as 4 thousand applications. Only 761 Crimean applicants are reported to have been admitted to Ukrainian universities this year.



The situation gets even more complicated when it comes to Crimean Tatars. This year is unique in the sense that no Crimean Tatars have been enrolled in Ukrainian institutions of higher learning, press service of the National Academy for State Administration operating under the auspices of President of Ukraine reports.


As of today, the only places in mainland Ukraine where the Crimean Tatar language gets taught are either Sunday schools or the Faculty of Crimean Tatar Language and Literature at Taras Schevchenko University in Kiev.