'Starokrymskyi' winery was opened in the village of Izyumivka of Kirovske region in Crimean. Vladimir Konstantinov, ‘Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea’ took part in the opening ceremony and launching a filling line.

“At the best of times, the budget revenue from the wine industry in Crimea was around 50%. I am sure that a good example of the enterprise development in Kirovske region will encourage the market palyers to invest in wine industry typical for Crimea. In fact, the establishment of such enterprises is one more step to import substitution, the press service of Crimean parliament reported Konstantinov as saying. 

According to him, only 17 of 23 registered enterprises are successfully operating in Crimea. 

The ‘speaker of the parliament’ expressed confidence that “given a correct approach and investors’ desire, the wine industry will take the leading position in the economy of our region.”