In Feodosia in the Russia-occupied Crimea, the circulation of the newspaper Gorod24 was withdrawn, in which the article was published about the house of a well-known Russian journalist, TV host and the Director General of a government-owned international news agency Russia Today Dmitry Kiselyov in Koktebel.

Vladimir Mazurin, the author of the article, informed the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta about the fact.

After the publication of the material in the printed version, in the electronic version an advertising block was placed instead of it, Mazurin noted.

"As for the paper circulation, the editor of the newspaper was forced to redeem it at his own expense," the author of the material stressed.

Kiselyov himself refused to talk about withdrawal of the newspaper circulation and stated that he did not give an interview by phone.

The electronic version of the article, over which the circulation of "Gorod24" was withdrawn, said that the Russian propagandist's house costed about 200 million rubles.

Previously, in 2006 Kiselyov told the Ukrainian edition Facts about the construction of a house in Koktebel. Then he noted that for this he mortgaged a house in Moscow and took a loan for 10 years.
Earlier, the participants of the round table "The history of the development of the Crimean media and freedom of speech in the occupied Crimea" stated the absence of freedom of speech in the annexed Crimea. The Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov emphasized that there are no independent media in the Crimea, because everything depends on the occupation regime.
Source: Novaya Gazeta