According to Ukrainian President, the data are confirmed by satellite observation, human intelligence and drones.

“There are the exact figures, provided by human intelligence and confirmed by satellite images and drones. We know for sure that there are 6 thousand regular troops just in the occupied territories of eastern Ukraine, plus about 15 thousand in Crimea and 40 thousand militants led by commanders from Russian regular troops. So it's a huge contingent, which exceeds the armies of many European countries,” Poroshenko said in his interview with US Fox News TV channel.

The President also recalled the need to develop "a new scenario that would create a well-coordinated pressure on Russia in order to get it to come to the negotiating table and stop the aggression."

Petro Poroshenko expressed confidence that Ukraine will return the Russian-occupied Crimea.

“I'm sure we will do it because this is a brutal violation of international law. If we do not respond to this act of aggression, the world will never be safe,” said the President.