More than 71% of Russians are ready to cast their vote for the incumbent president of the Russian Federation at the upcoming elections in RF, according to the results of a survey conducted in Russia by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion Sputnik.

In comparison with the previous month, Putin's rating has grown, but experts say that this is normal.

“The pre-electoral situation is generally stable. Fluctuations in all indicators are within the established corridors of values,” the Head of political analysis practice and consulting of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion Mikhail Mamonov noted.

According to the poll, the situation among the other presidential candidates is as follows: Only 1.3% of electorate are ready to vote for Ksenia Sobchak, about 7% support Vladimir Zhirinovsky, though earlier, about 6% of electorate were ready to vote against the leader of the LDPR.

Less than 1% of respondents are ready to tick the names of candidates Grigory Yavlinsky (0.7%) and Boris Titov (0.4%).

Earlier QHA reported that Putin might vote for himself in the occupied Crimea.

Source: TASS