In annexed Sevastopol, the salaries of “officials” are to be raised, however, in connection with this, some of the positions will have to be reduced in order not to request additional budget funds for labor remuneration.

A corresponding statement was made by the “assistant prosecutor” of Sevastopol Sergey Neudakhin.

“At present, the legislation of Sevastopol on the monetary support of civil servants is an inconsistent, contradictory system, which needs to be corrected comprehensively,” he noted.

According to Neudakhin, salary payments require an additional 590 million rubles. But the city “officials” offered not to take money from the budget, but to reduce “extra positions”.
Earlier it was reported that, according to the data of the Kremlin-controlled Territorial body of Federal Statistics service in Crimea Krymstat, in September 2018, the salary debt in the occupied Crimea increased to 26 million rubles. Thus, about 14 million rubles were owed to employees of the manufacturing industry, and the debts to transport workers amounted to 5 million rubles.
Source: News of Crimea