Cars with Crimean registration plates that are owned by Ukrainian citizens are banned from entering the mainland territory, a spokesman of the State Border Service (SBS) of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan wrote on Facebook.

- The so-called law enforcement agencies of the country-occupier have imposed new rules at Crimean border. As of now, they don’t permit the vehicles driven by Ukrainian citizens and having Crimean registration plates to enter mainland Ukraine. Moreover, they do not allow the Ukrainian citizens, registered in Crimea, to enter the temporarily occupied territory if the latter have Crimean plates. When asked about the reason, the law enforcement officers say "the citizens had time to re-register." The same situation is with the cars with Crimean plates and owned by Ukrainian citizens, who are registered in other regions, wrote Slobodyan.

He went on saying that part of the cars is still allowed to enter Crimea, however, some are forced to arrange a so-called temporary import as when crossing the border.

Photo: Internet