Videos showing relocation of the military equipment was posted to Youtube by an eyewitness Alim Aydamak. The author captured a column of Russian military equipment moving to the Old Crimean polygon. Among the military equipment one can see at least five "Bastion" missile systems, as well as armored personnel carriers and trucks of the Russian Armed Forces. The caption to the second video says that "Russian" Bastions "are being taken to Old Crimean training area ", reported Ukrinform.

The "Bastion" missile systems are designed to engage surface ships including carrier battle groups, convoys, and landing craft under intense fire and electronic countermeasures.

As QHA reported earlier, the Deputy Minister on the Affairs of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Georgiy Tuka said that the traffic was restricted on the Crimean border due to the Russian military drills.

The morning of August, 7 the occupying Russian authorities without any explanation completely stopped traffic on the Crimean border. The gunfire was heard not far from the "Chongar" checkpoint and the Russian aircrafts spotted.

Photo: Internet