A new video was filmed in Gurzuf on the territory of the Artek children's center, on the section between the Cypress Camp and the Gurovskiye Kamny tract, which shows the how occupants desecrated the old Muslim cemetery Gurzuf-Aziz.

The reason for this, according to local residents, was the construction of cottages for Artek sponsors.



According to other information, a new building of "Artek" is to be constructed on the territory of the cemetery.

Earlier, on January 26, the management of Artek ordered to demolish the ancient Muslim cemetery Gurzuf-Aziz. Indignant locals collected signatures against the demolition and appealed to the police of Yalta, after which the work was suspended by the decision of the "Committee for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and the State Council of the State Council on Interethnic Relations". However, in May the invaders continued to engage in vandalism.

The historian Gulnara Bekirova called the event "rudeness of local authorities" and "spitting in the face of the whole Crimean Tatar people."

PHOTO: Advet