The occupation military command of the Russian Federation initiated "investigation" to appoint those responsible for the resonant incident in Armyansk, where Russian occupants beat up a group of Crimean Tatars, Directorate General of Intelligence of Ukrainian Ministry of Defense informed on Facebook.

Reportedly, the Russian law enforcement agencies conduct investigations "all hands on deck".

The Directorate General of Intelligence noted that in this connection, the invaders began to exert pressure on the affected local people "in order to change their testimony, resorting to bribery and blackmailing of witnesses and victims."

Earlier QHA reported that in the city of Armyansk, located on the temporarily Russian-occupied territory of the Crimea, a mass brawl occurred between the locals and Russian servicemen deployed on the peninsula. The intelligence stressed that the incident was provoked by the Russian soldiers who, being intoxicated, badly treated the staff of the cafe and humiliated the Crimean Tatar visitors.

Photo: Internet