Due to the great number of Russian soldiers deployed in the Crimean city of Armyansk, there are no vacant places for local residents in turn to kindergarten, and making an appointment with a doctor has become a great challenge as well, the source said.

"It’s impossible to get to the doctors. To have a blood test, one needs to make a reservation in the clinic 1-2 months in advance. In kindergartens, as soon as the turn comes, some military appear on the horizon. And they can not be denied, they are out of any turns. As a result, they are priority in hospitals and kindergartens, and we, the residents of Armyansk, are dragging along in the tail,” one of the local residents complains.

It is noted that in the city of Armyansk with the population 20,000 people, 700 children are queued for attending kindergarten, but they are constantly being "moved" by children of the Russian military who enjoy benefits.

"We begin to feel like second-class people," the Armyansk residents say.

Earlier, it was reported that this year students of the boarding school for children of the deceased Syrian military will visit the annexed Crimea, where they will rest in the illegally appropriated children's camp "Artek".

PHOTO: Internet