The occupation authorities began to install the fences around the bus station in the annexed Crimea, according to the reports of the press service of the Kremlin-controlled company of passenger transportations "Krymavtotrans".

"Such measures have been taken to prevent the arrival of illegal carriers, to control the availability of passengers’ tickets, as well as to provide transport and passenger security," the press service informed.

Thus, the checkpoint with a barrier and fence was installed at the "Vostochnaya" bus station in Simferopol. The "Kurortnaya" bus station near the railway station and the central bus station of the Crimean capital, as well as bus stations in Sevastopol and Evpatoria are also fenced.

"Krymavtotrans" further noted that "fences with gates and wickets" are to be installed at all bus terminals of the annexed peninsula by the end of April.

QHA reported that in the occupied Crimea, the so-called authorities began to install fences along the seacoast. The occupiers placed high "Mahon" security fence in the southern coast of the Crimea and Yalta embankment.

Source: Crimean Teren