In the course of Russia's annexation of Crimea and the aggressive policy of the Kremlin in Donbas, the Ukrainian-Russian relations are reduced to zero. The only institutions that still communicate at a minimum level are the structures of human rights commissioners, which help alleviate the burden of humanitarian problems that emerged following the Russian expansion in 2014.

According to Tsenzor.NET, the authorized of the Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights Valeria Lutkovska on air of the "Gromadska radio" informed about her dialogue with the Russian counterpart on the Ukrainian prisoners who all of sudden became the "Russian":

“We feel guilt for having left those people in Crimea, as they are transferred from the Crimean prisons throughout the Russian Federation. Now I'm trying to reach agreement with the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation on the transferring the people who are still kept in Crimea, to the territory controlled by us. Then we will try to bring back those who have been already taken out to Russia, but it will be the second step,” Lutkovska said on the radio.

In what way will it be possible to solve this difficult humanitarian problem?
Ukrainian Ombudsman said:

“It is necessary to work out a mechanism on the basis of which these people will be transferred from the colony and handed to me on Chongar. In terms of our legislation, everything is simple, but in Russia this is a real problem for Ombudsman. In a telephone conversation she promises that the solution will be found,” Lutkovska added.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that 2.2 thousand Ukrainian prisoners were forcibly transferred to Russia to serve their sentence. Previously, Valeria Lutkovska reported to the Ukrainian media:

“400 prisoners in the occupied Donbas also asked to transfer them to the Ukrainian jails.”

As QHA reported at the beginning of the year, this humanitarian problem arose after the annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea by Russia, when, together with all assets the occupier took control over the prisoners who were Ukrainian citizens, charged under Ukrainian legislation. As of now, many of them were transferred to the detention facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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