On November 16, the occupants conducted three searches at the homes of Crimean Tatars: in the house of Mustafa Mustafayev and his mother Adzher Mustafayeva in Pushkino village of Ichkinskyi (Sovetsky) district, and also, in Zhuravki village - at Mustafayev’s brother-in-law (badzhi).

The son of Mustafayev informed that the invaders arrived at 8 am and broke the door during the searches. He stated that the security forces had not shown any documents allowing them to conduct the search.

Moreover, searches were carried out at Mustafa Mustafayev's mother. Adzher Mustafayeva felt ill as a result of the stress.

Later, information surfaced that the occupants charged Mustafayev with drug dealing. During the searches, nothing illegal was found, security forces did not seize anything.

According to reports of activists, Mustafa Mustafayev and his brother-in-law were allegedly taken to Sevastopol. The spouse of the illegally detained Crimean Tatar was not allowed at the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As of now, their present location is unknown.