The need to impose sanctions against persons involved in violating the rights of journalists in the occupied Crimea was stated by the Director of the Center for Information on Human Rights Tatyana Pechonchik during a press conference in Kyiv.

According to her, during the investigation of the Center, it was determined that about 60 people are involved in violation of the rights of journalists and restriction of freedoms in the Crimea, including those in relation to the Crimean Tatar publications.

"It is important that all instances of pressure on journalists do not go unpunished, so that the ARC Prosecutor's Office would investigate and operate these facts. People should know that this will not go unnoticed and an investigation is underway. It is necessary for the foreign states to impose personal sanctions on those people who put pressure on Crimean Tatar journalists, "she said.

Pechonchik said that during three years of occupation, Russia has been trying to push all the Crimean Tatar media outlets out of the peninsula, but continues to create the illusion that all information resources are working normally.