An activist of the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Simferopol Mikhail Batrak on his arrival in Kyiv told the publication Glavred, how he lives in the Crimea after 4 years of occupation.

According to him, the annexed peninsula looks very depressing and even the pro-Russian citizens realized that they received absolutely not what they wanted to see and what they were shown on TV.

"But they can not admit their mistake - the ideological choice was made, it's hard to go back emotionally. Every month, one of the active people leaves the Crimea because of persecution. In general, there is not much fun," he said.

According to Batrak, the situation in the Crimea, where there is no freedom of speech and assembly, is satisfying only for the older generation, which believes that Russia is an order.

The Ukrainian notes that the depressing situation has developed in the social sphere.

“The prices are high, the products are of inferior quality. The middle businesses are closing. Outlets in the markets are empty. Agriculture, especially in the northern Crimea, fell into decay because it was aimed at growing rice, and without the North Crimean Canal it is impossible - the fields are empty," he said.

According to Batrak, only Crimean pensioners are happy with the annexation since their pensions have increased. At the same time, payments are higher only for those who retired before 2014 and for whom the payments were recounted at an advantageous tariff - about 6-10 thousand when measured in hryvnia.

“Although in the mainland Ukraine, it has increased as well. But in the Crimea, no one knows about it. Those who are going to retire now, will get the same pension as on the mainland, but the prices in the Crimea are much higher,” he said.

Mikhail Batrak said that forests are being cut down in the Crimea, roads are being built, in particular, Tavrida, numerous constructions capture the coast in Sevastopol.

“Cape Fiolent is given for the construction of the church, new careers are opened - crushed stone is extracted for the construction of the highway and the Kerch bridge. Ecologists say that the nature of the Crimea is being damaged. And they are building a new airport terminal. For what - it is unclear if now much less aircrafts arrive in Crimea than before 2014. Maybe it is another way to launder money,” the activist shared.

He also noted that many visitors in the occupied Crimea are from Russia and the Donbas who buy land on the coast for building, and many newcomers from the Russian Federation occupy leading positions.

Earlier, Crimean human rights activists reported that the sites of Ukrainian television channels and other information resources from Ukraine including the information agency QHA ("Crimean News") are blocked in the annexed Crimea.

Source: Glavred