The Russian police officers came to a human rights defender Abdureshit Dzhepparov, an activist of the Crimean Idea movement, who had recently announced plans to create the Crimean Tatars' national movement in the annexed peninsula.

According to Dzhepparov, security officials asked him about the activities of the Crimean Idea.

“Three police officers came my house on the white Niva vehicle. The two in the uniform with white shirts stayed in the car, and the senior lieutenant in black uniform came out to talk with me. He introduced himself as the officer of the criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Bilohirsk region. His name was Nariman Rustamovich Muratov. He said that he was instructed from Simferopol to question me about the activities of the Crimean Idea Association,” Dzhepparov noted.

There are no public comments from Russian security officials on the visit.

It is worth noting, that according to the Russian legislation, questioning by police is regulated under the Law "On Operational and Investigative Activity". The person in question has the right not to answer the questions of law enforcement officers, since he is not responsible, in contrast to interrogation for refusal to give testimony.

QHA reported that on July 30, Crimean Idea announced a decision to intensify its activities and hold meetings in the regions of the annexed peninsula. Dzhepparov himself said that under the conditions of occupation, passive behavior of the majority of the Crimean Tatar people should not be allowed.

The public organization "Crimean Idea" was created on May 27 at a meeting in the city of Bilohirsk.

Source: Krym. Realii