Before the trial began on May 10 in Rostov-on-Don, the Ukrainian citizen Artur Panov, who had previously launched a hunger strike, lost his consciousness and fell to the floor, the "Kavkazsky uzel" publication reports.

The North Caucasian court did not postpone the meeting, but just called an ambulance for the prisoner.

“At the meeting, Panov was pale, he was putting a plastic bottle with water to his forehead and fanning himself with papers,” journalists informed.

Earlier, QHA reported that the case of the resident of Krasnodon (Lugansk region) Artur Panov first came to light in December 2015, when under obscure circumstances, he was taken to a Russian pre-trial detention center. The Russian authorities accused him of plotting a terrorist act in the Russian Federation. The young man denied all accusations against him.

May 2, Russian media reported that Artur Panov died of a heart failure, but the Ukrainian refuted the information.

On May 3, at the North Caucasian Military Court in Rostov-on-Don (RF), the 19-year-old political prisoner, citizen of Ukraine Artur Panov announced the beginning of a dry hunger strike. Panov has only one demand – to transfer him to Ukraine within the next two weeks.

PHOTO: Internet