The finds were discovered at the entrances to the bridge being built in Kerch. Archaeologists have found ancient coins and waterworks constructions of pre-Greek period, which previously were considered unlikely to locate on the peninsula.

“Among the unique finds, we can mention the treasure with piastres. And the unique waterworks of a pre-Greek period as well, found at IIyichevck site. Previously it was believed that these structures began to arise only with the beginning of the Greek colonization, but in the course of investigations, it became known that the local tribes were also the bearers of high material culture before the arrival of the Greeks,” the Head of Krasnodar regional administration  of archeology monuments department Georgiy Davydenko says.

He also noted that archaeologists had found an ancient acropolis with the graves of the nobility.

Earlier it was reported that the Doctor of Biological Sciences of Ukraine Igor Buzevich believes that the construction of the bridge across the Kerch Strait by the Russian invaders will lead to irreversible consequences for marine life.