Poroshenko personally met and greeted the Ukrainians freed from captivity, reported the Presidential press service.

Today, two people have been freed following a long time when we were unable to release any Ukrainian hostage, said the President.

According to him, Zhemchugov and Suprun were released due to the efforts by the Trilateral contact group, volunteers and security forces, as well as relatives and friends. Vladimir Zhemchugov did not yield to terrorist provocations alleging that Ukraine would not work to release its citizens from captivity. Poroshenko said that "we won’t let down our citizens".

I hail from Donbas, I am Russian by nationality, has grown up in Donbas, a former miner. It just happened so that I began to think differently than people in Donbas, who have been simply deceived with the talks saying the fascists and Nazis live here. I, as well as people like me, the Ukrainian patriots have taken up the struggle against the vile Russian occupation. We aren’t afraid to fight against Russian invaders and Ukrainian traitors who have sided with the occupying regime, said Zhemchugov.

Vladimir Zhemchugov has been held captive by terrorists since winter 2015.

Vladimir Zhemchugov, who was blown on a tripwire in the “LPR” controlled territory, has been used by the terrorist leadership for the blackmail and as means of propaganda. They refused to swap the man, who lost his sight and arms, and declared him a saboteur.December, 25 the LPR militants started ostentatious "criminal proceedings" against him.

Another prisoner, Yury Suprun, was held by militants in captivity despite his membership in international organizations that, in turn, breaches the mandate of the UN, OSCE or any other.

Photo: Press service of the APU