Since the beginning of this year, the cost of a minimum food basket went up by 6.4 percent in the occupied Crimea. Thus, averagely, one person spends 3 thousand 970 rubles (about 1,700 hryvnyas) on a minimum food basket, according to statistics at-end April, presented in the report on the official website of Russian Territorial body of Federal Statistics service in Crimea "Krymstat":

“On average, the cost of a minimum food basket on the annexed peninsula as of April, 2017 was 3,970.48 rubles per person, and for the month it has increased by 4.6%, since the beginning of the year – by 6.4% (in March, 2017 it amounted to 3796.48 rubles per person and for the month increased by 0.2%, since the beginning of the year – by 1.7%).”

It is not difficult to predict sharp rise in prices in the near future due to the beginning of the holiday season. And although according to analysts from QHA the season will not bring a massive tourist flow again, the result will be the same, as wholesalers usually compensate decrease of total sales by prices increase of the available volume of goods in retail. This is the specificity of market relations in terms of sanctions.

PHOTO: Internet